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Who Are Carers?

We support unpaid carers from the age of 8 upwards. Carers can support family members, friends or neighbours with a range of issues including a physical disability, physical illness, mental health issues, a learning disability, Autism, issues relating to substance or alcohol misuse, or a sensory impairment.

We aim to reduce social isolation, improve health and wellbeing and reduce the impact of the caring role on the carer, provide one to one, group and peer support and encourage self-sufficiency for individual carers.

Referral Process

Appropriate Referrals

The carer or cared for must live within the Hambleton and Richmondshire area, are within the age limit, and are unpaid for the caring role.

It is important to understand that we are not benefits specialists, but are happy to assist carers with this, or signpost to appropriate agencies.

How to refer

You can refer by telephone, email, visit our website and complete an online referral form or drop into our centre. We attend local events and can be regularly seen in schools and universities where referrals can be taken.

What Information We Require

We require all sections of the referral form to be completed, this enables us to allocate each carer to an appropriate support worker, and to establish appropriate referrals early in the process. It would be useful for us to be made aware of any visual or auditory adjustments to be made, to assist the carer with the referral process, also any other information to help with the referral and to ensure the safety of our support workers.

What You Can Expect After Making a Referral

Upon receipt of a referral we would normally contact the carer within 3 working days, although we are not a crisis service we are open from Monday to Friday, 9am until 5pm.

The referral will be triaged and then go through an assessment period, which will result in a bespoke support plan, with permission from the carer, this can be shared with the referring agency.

We recognise the importance of partnership working and shared support.


Understanding the Carer

This research article by professor Jane Wilkins looks into the needs of carers and suggests better approaches to care.

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