A dementia carer is anybody who is actively involved with supporting someone living with any of the many types of dementia, This could be a husband, wife, brother, sister or other family member. The carer may not even be a family member but a friend or neighbour.

What issues do dementia carers face?

Dementia often gives rise to a mixture of physical and emotional issues. These can vary in time with the progress of the condition. Other pressures on the life of carer may also be involved because of their caring role

How can we support you?

This care is vital for the individuals involved.

We have experienced staff ready to support the carer – that help may be as listening ear, guiding those involved through the systems and processes that care provision requires. We can help signpost individual to support in their local area and help make those vital contacts with other agencies that can help. We can help with maintaining contacts between carers and to facilitate peer group support .

Where appropriate we can help with carers assessment. Issue “Carers Cards”, and so much more…




Peer support group testimonials

It is good getting more information and meeting other people who are carers

Gathering information and support

Meeting people and gaining knowledge of help available

Helping with solving problems and being with people in the same position as myself

I felt very alone following my husbands discharge from the memory clinic but being in this group it has helped

Knowing that there are other people in the same position as me.  The people are friendly and not afraid to discuss their situations.  I have been pleased with the information given by the group

Northallerton - The Dementia Carers and Friends and Families (DCAFF)

The Peer Support Group meet on the third Wednesday of each month at 10am.

The group meets at the Village Inn Brompton, 88 Water End, Brompton, Northallerton, DL6 2R

For further information please contact Diane on 01609 780872


Stokesley - Dementia Peer Support Group for Carers

The Stokesley Carer Peer Support Group is held on the 2nd Friday in the month at 10-12 Town Close Association offices within Town Close building.

If you would like more information about the group please contact Diane on 01609 780782.

Richmond and Easingwold

If you are interested in attending one of these new groups we would love to hear from you.

Please contact Diane on 01609 780782

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