The objects of the Company shall be to relieve poverty and sickness amongst persons who are caring at home for people who are elderly, infirm or chronically sick, or people with disabilities, learning disabilities or mental health problems (called the Carers) and the relief of such elderly, infirm or chronically sick persons, together with people with disabilities, learning disabilities, or mental health problems by the provision of information support, training and advice for those responsible for their care, and to advance the education concerning caring amongst carers and the public.


Unpaid carers of all ages, their families and friends are supported by a professional and motivated work force to improve their lives and to make informed choices and decisions that enable them to lead the life they choose.

Alongside carers and our partners, we will work within communities to raise public awareness of the impact of caring on people’s lives.

To achieve this mission, we have the following principle aims:-

  • to ensure carers have access to evidence based, best practice information, advice, training and support;
  • to offer carers a person centred support service;
  • to facilitate peer support and social inclusion;
  • to ensure carers have access to an appropriate assessment of their needs;
  • to proactively facilitate and attend a diverse range of events throughout the community.


Our aspiration is to be recognised as a lead organisation for all unpaid carers in our region.

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