Ex Forces Support

Are you a Carer of a person who is a veteran of the British Armed Forces or who has undertaken National Service or who has served in the Merchant Navy?

We are a proud partner in a joint project called ‘Ex- Forces Support’ aimed at supporting older veterans achieve improved wellbeing, social connections and improved confidence. We are specifically involved in supporting the carers of veterans, or supporting veterans who are carers, in the Hambleton and Richmondshire locality. If you have served in a National Service role or you have been a member of the Merchant Navy we can also support you in your caring role. This project is funded from the Veterans Fund funded by the Chancellor using LIBOR Funds- aiming to support Aged Veterans over 65 years, or born prior to 1950.

*If you are under 65 years we can also support you but will do so in our generic Carer support service.

Many Ex-British Armed Forces personnel have settled longer term in Hambleton or Richmondshire due to the British Army base of Catterick Garrison and the RAF bases at Topcliffe, Dishforth and Leeming, located in our area. We have a higher than average concentration of Ex-Forces personnel living in the area where we provide our services, and this includes a contingent of Gurkha personnel from the Brigade of Gurkhas, whose family or friends may also require support in the caring role.

What issues do Carers of a Veteran experience?

  • Veterans have a very unique set of physical, social and emotional needs and their former working roles are important to their self-esteem, confidence, support, social and family life, which all contribute to their sense of wellbeing and belonging. When a veteran requires a family member of friend to look after them due to illness, a condition or disability or they are elderly, then you are a Carer. The carer may also require specific tailored support, advice and information.
  • Services for those caring for veterans can be both mainstream and specialist e.g. Royal British Legion, Help for Heroes or the Local Authority or NHS to name a few. We aim to make navigating access to the relevant advice and information easier.
  • Rurality and social isolation can compound issues experienced by Carers.

How can we support you?

Offer home visits to talk through your situation face to face, or arrange another convenient location

We focus on you and help improve your health and wellbeing and reduce the impact of the caring role by:

  • Giving information and advice
  • Providing emotional support & time to talk
  • Guiding you through the ‘red tape’ of authority
  • Helping to maximise your income
  • Support to complete Carer’s Assessment
  • Signposting other appropriate organisations

Do you need to speak to someone?

Our dedicated support line is open from 9am – 5pm Monday – Friday

 01609 780872

For enquiries and referrals to the Ex- Forces Project you can either e mail exforces@communityfirstyorkshire.org.uk or call 01904 704 177 for general Ex- Forces Support and links to all the partner organisations providing support in this project, or if you are a carer who is a veteran or you provide care for someone who is a veteran and you want support then you can call Hambleton and Richmondshire Carers Centre directly on the dedicated support line.

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